These are my reference sheets. If you ever need a reference for something, grab it from here! You can click or tap on the image to get a larger version (with notes included).

While these references are provided here for all to see, please do not use my fursonas for anything without permission! I consider them to be an extension of myself, and as such they’re very personal to me.


Base: NAZAKI-CAIN • Design: MizuhoCoyote

Last modified: 2/9/2023

This is my main fursona, Mizuho. He is a Southeastern Coyote loosely based upon my real self.

In general, patterns aren’t set in stone and are more of a rough guide. Artists, if you feel that adjusting things slightly will look better, just go for it! Just don’t get too crazy now.

  • There’s a small dark spot on the outer left ear.
  • The left index bean uses blue flesh.
  • Eyes are a greenish/gray hazel, but exact color isn’t important.
  • Hairstyle can vary, but there must be head hair.
  • Dark fur tufts (facial, pits, etc) are optional.
  • Fur color boundaries are shown as flat lines as I’m not a good artist. Give it some fluff!